Вопросы к ГОС экзамену по английскому языку

Билеты по иностранным языкам
Дата создания: 2007
Автор: Алевтина Чернова
Язык билетов: Английский
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1. The phoneme and the phonemic system of English.
2. Word stress and its functions.
3. Intonation: the functions of its constituents.
4. History of English: historic and linguistic chronology.
5. The English Vocabulary: history of borrowing.
6. Formation of analytical forms in Middle English.
7. Great Vowel Shift and Modern English spelling.
8. Lexical meanings of the word: signification, denotation, connotation.
9. Metaphoric and metonymic relations within a polysemantic word. Polysemy and homonymy.
10. Synonymy: types of synonyms and their functions in speech.
11. Antonymy: types of antonyms and their functions in speech.
12. Word derivations: affixation and convertion.
13. Phraseology: types of phraseological units and their stylistic potential.
14. Morphological structure of the English word.
15. The English Parts-of-Speech system.
16. Category of Number: grammatical meaning and syntactic functions.
17. Category of Definiteness/Indefiniteness: grammatical meaning, morphological and syntactic functions.
18. Theme-Rheme structure of the sentence.
19. Category of Voice: English-Russian Contrasts.
20. The Verb and its Valence.
21. Categories of Mood and Tense. Predicativity as the meaning of the sentence.
22. Basic sentence patterns of English.
23. Generative and Transformational relations in Syntax.
24. Metaphor and Metonymy as stylistic figures.
25. Antonymic relations in Antithesis and Oxymoron.
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