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Contents Introduction 3 1 Features of small towns and related problems 4 2 Ways to solve the problems of small towns and prospects of development 7 Conclusion 9 List of references 10 Содержание

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And particularly important is the following - to improve the efficiency and sustainability of its development, small towns should be expanded the set of functionalities that will ensure success in a modern market economy. The new realities of the time give small towns new opportunities and prospects for enhanced and sustainable development in the XXI century. For cities that have lost their previous functions, it is proposed to search for new fields of specialization, subject to availability of capacity, the functions of public service on surrounding areas. In our country, there are also federal programs for the development of small towns. These programs are developed by the local administration and the administration area. These programs include basic outline for the development of the city. However, to the city of this type took to the path of sustainable development, it is necessary to restore agriculture, since the structure of the economy of small towns primarily specializes in the processing of agricultural products and services in the agricultural area. Conclusion Thus, on the basis of the above, a number of conclusions. In discussing the problems of small cities of Russia draw an analogy with the business: small businesses as compared with large problems, especially in the absence of support mechanisms. In small towns the possibility of its own budget is very limited, it is difficult to attract investment. They tend to be subsidized, so many issues are not solved for decades. The main reason is that in the moment of municipalities don’t have a direct interest in the development of the urban economy and the growth of budget revenues. For small towns have become attractive to investors, the state must demonstrate that it is ready to invest in these funds. People will not go to live in small towns, if don’t see the prospects for their children and their future. The author believes that the head of the municipality should deal with issues of education and health, to create an environment friendly to children, including the improvement of the problems to solve. It's unfortunate that the recent opportunity to influence local authorities on these issues have declined significantly. Living in the most beautiful and well-maintained city with no prospects for the future of children is meaningless and contributes to leave people in the big cities. List of references EG Animitsa Small and medium-sized cities in the region: trends and strategies of socio-economic development. / EG Animitsa, IA Medvedev, V.A.Suhih // Urals. state. Economy. Univ, Ekaterinburg; Perm, 2004. 2 3 4 8 7 9 1

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List of references 1. EG Animitsa Small and medium-sized cities in the region: trends and strategies of socio-economic development. / EG Animitsa, IA Medvedev, V.A.Suhih // Urals. state. Economy. Univ, Ekaterinburg; Perm, 2004. список литературы
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