The problem of business ethics in the book

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Liar's poker
"C'mon, people, we're not selling truth!"
It is the most bestselling book of Michael Lewis that reopens the door to the Wall Street, exploring all its dirty clothe. Undoubtedly it is a strangely funny book about business that is easy to be comprehended by anyone who can read. He gives us a characterization of the blooming are of money through describing his experience in the investment bank. Only two years he spent for starting from a trainee to the Geek, the lowest form of life on the trading floor, and then to Big Swinging Dick - a bond salesman, able to turn over doubtful bonds worth of millions of dollars with making only one call.
The trading floor is the metaphor for the trading business where everyone is welcomed due to his position and capabilities.
The Salomon training program is chaired by the Human Piranha, whose vitriolic profanity astonishes everyone. Also the bond traders can throw telephones at the heads of subordinates.
The chairman Gutfreund dares his chief trader to a hand of liar's poker for one million dollars. Just like that the beginners alike Michael Lewis, connected by telephones and computer terminals, swapping gross jokes trying to find the retail buyers.
The shocking behavior of bond traders ruled the whole enormous changes in the world economy. Lewis had to transfer money from the external countries, from those who had saved the money, to the USA. Such activities helped Salomon Brothers generating millions of dollars contributing to leveraging of America.
Salomon Brothers is the top investment banking and securities trading firm, it is also an adviser to the largest corporations and money managers.

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Only one bond salesman humiliated the traders - "the human piranha," he could badmouth traders over the loudspeaker for the wrong price told him. Also employees threaten people with the job of selling equities in Dallas. They differed from the others with their wages, isolation from the rest, habits others couldn't practice, the bond trading floor was one flight above equities and had its own separate elevators. They also were rewarded for dumping bonds of the Salomon Brothers that were due to decline in price on unsuspecting customers. So, to conclude, as for the main basic principles of the Salomon ethics - the trainees were lied from the very beginning about the Salomon Brothers within relations up to accepting a position in the training program. Then, the bond salesmen usually cheated on the actual and anticipated value of the bond. The salesmen were not necessarily looking after the best interests of their customers, as they were had to think of the company's interests. There was a company's order for ridiculing employees, especially women. There was no respect for persons if they couldn't make money and were women or of the different nationality.As for the attitude to each other - there was the myth of being a savage dominated working relationships. Their enemies were superiors, peers and subordinates from the Brothers and the other firms competitors - " Eat or be eaten...". Your job is the food for someone else on the floor.The ability to generate money was the basis for respect - trainees and company staff were verbally abused or ignored, customers exploited, worst victims were women. The corporate culture was founded on the ethical relativism: anyone could act in any way as long as it generated money - "the point is not that a Big Swinging Dick was intrinsically evil...it didn't matter one bit whether he was good or evil as long as he continued to swing that big bat of his". Being the heads of their own sovereign states, they created their own universe and laws. The book helps the students to be aware of ethical dilemmas they can encounter and proves the ethical fineness of working in organizations where the only behavior eliciting managerial attention is goal attainment. This type of organization culture is a national problem as the graduates having such an experience may create only the similar companies, which is the violation of the democratic values and is evidently the fraud. This type of culture is dedicated only to obtaining an end-goal - money and power, which cannot provide a long term prosperity and stable economy. The results were seen in the 2000-s when we all faced with the world financial crisis resulting from the American policy of throwing everybody around on the floor of the jungle.

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