Compare and contrast two of the following religious personalities, showing how they differ and how they overlap in their thought and beliefs: Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Muhammad. All claim to bring truth to the whole of humanity. How did each thinker found

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Two central dogma of Christianity speak of the Trinity and the Incarnation of God. According to the first, the inner life of the deity is the ratio of the three “incarnation”, or persons: Father (ultimate beginning beginning less), the Son, or the Logos (meaning the principle and execute), and the Holy Spirit (the life-giving principle). Son “born” from the Father and the Holy Spirit “proceeds” from the Father. At the same time, and “birth” and “procession” do not occur in time as all persons of the Christian Trinity always existed “forever” and equal in dignityMan, according to Christian doctrine, created as a vehicle “image and likeness” of God. However, the fall, the perfect first people destroyed the likeness of man, put it on a stain of original sin. Christ, taking the cross torture and death, “redeemed” people suffered for all mankind. Therefore, Christianity emphasizes the role of purifying suffering any restriction of their human desires and passions, “taking up our cross,” a person can overcome evil in himself and in the world. Thus, people do not just perform the commandments of God, but he is transformed and ascent to God becomes closer to him. This is the purpose of a Christian, his excuse sacrificial death of Christ. With this view of man linked characteristic only of Christianity the concept of a special cult of action to really enter into the divine life of man. Stand baptism, communion, confession (repentance), marriage, extreme unction.Dogma of Islam is very simple. A Muslim must firmly believe that there is only one God; that Muhammad was his messenger, a prophet; that God sent him to people and other prophets. These biblical prophets were Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christian, but Muhammad above them; that there are angels and evil spirits (jinn). However, the spirits are not always evil, they too are at the mercy of God and do His will. Islam says that on the last day of the world the dead are raised, and all will receive a reward for their deeds: the righteous, honouring God, will enjoy in heaven, sinful and wrong to burn in hell. Islam says that there is a divine predestination. People are born with his destiny and change it very difficult. Allah is depicted in the Koran as being a purely human moral character, but in superlatives. He is angry with people, forgive them; one loves, hates the other. As with the Jewish and Christian gods, Allah has ordained in advance of some people to righteous living and future bliss. Others are designed to lawlessness and beyond the grave torment. Nevertheless, in the Koran, as well as in the Gospel, God repeatedly referred merciful forgiving. The overriding dogmatic and moral instruction in the Koran there is the need for full, unconditional obedience to the will of Allah person.For each Muslim prayer five times each day at specified hours; obligatory ablutions before prayer is obligatory tax for the benefit of the poor; annual fast (in the tenth month - Ramadan) during the month; Pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, which is a devout Muslim should as far as possible to make at least once in their lives.Each of these requirements, despite the fact that they themselves are not too heavy and not feasible, allow exemptions and easing in difficult cases. Water for washing in case of absence may be replaced by sand, dust; fasting is not necessary for patients to travel, they can and should hold the post after the appropriate number of days. Muslim fast, unlike the Christian, is abstinence from all food and drink from sunrise to sunset, but in the rest of the day you can eat and drink what you want and indulge in any pleasures.Obviously, there was no difference in exercise is still much greater than the similarities.
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