Analysis of the Interview Plan

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1 Interview Set Up & Methods 2
2 Interview plan and process 3
3 Interview/Evaluation Form 3
4 Interview plan checklist 4
List of references 6


1 InterviewSetUp&Methods;
Interview is one of the most widespread methods of selection and performance reviews. Interview is one of the most labor-intensive processes, demanding good preparation of interviewer.
Interview should be structured, i.e. conversation has to be led according to plan where subjects and questions to the applicant are defined. Such interview is recommended for an assessment of professional skills. To prepare questions of the structured interview we usedjob description. (Dedro, 2011, p. 32)
This plan of interview is developed for preliminary (selection) interview, i.e. the first meeting with the applicant. The main task is to receive the most objective assessment of qualities:
1) to estimate, how this candidate is suitable for an estimated position (to carry out an assessment of professional suitability of the applicant (his professional knowledge and skills, business, individual and psychological and psychophysiological qualities);
2) to define, how this applicant is allocated from other candidates (what qualities and skills prevail and what is needed for further development; as far as these qualities are important for position; whether further career growth is possible; whether position is a "step forward" for the applicant or he "outgrew" current position);
3) to establish, whether information provided by the candidate (only the primary assessment of reliability of information means) is authentic.(Birusova , 2011, p. 11)
Degree of interest of the candidate in concrete job position and his potential for our organization becomes clear during preliminary interview.
In world practice of HS following methods of selection interviews are used:
- British method (personal meeting with the candidate);
- Chinese method (written examination tests);
- German method (preliminary preparation by the candidate of written documents, recommendation letters, etc.);
- American method (psychological testing for checking mental abilities, and estimation behavior of candidate in an informal situation).
We use the British method and elements of the American method connected with testing of candidates.
Organization form interview is individual. Individual interview suppose that one interviewer works separately with each new applicant that allows to come into the strongest contact. Confidential relations are appeared between them that help to discuss detailed and careful all necessary subjects. However the situation when an interviewer, being under impression of the previous candidates, is possible, interviewers subjectively estimate the next competitor as against the predecessors he can look "faintly" or, on the contrary

Фрагмент работы для ознакомления

3 Interview/Evaluation Form
List of questions:
-Tell about itself (information about education, experience)
- Characterize yourself (what strengths and the weaknesses, what qualities you appreciate in people that isn't pleasant)
-Reason for leaving from the previous place of work (why you want to change a job)
- What you had achievements
-You had sometime failures? What did you take out for yourselves from these situations?
- What in work gives you motivation?
-You are able to work under pressure? Give some examples.
- Describe collective in which worked
-In what working atmosphere to you would be comfortable to work ? What type of chiefs to you to liking?
-Have yousucceeded working in team?
- What other positions you consider as possible (suitable)?
- What your expectations (the vital purposes)
- Why you chose this profession (that is pleasant in work why chose this specialty)
- What income you consider (on time and after a trial period)
-Have you got any questions
4 Interviewplanchecklist
At positively decision it is necessary to prepare conclusions about the candidate, its summary with explanatory notes, to make the scheme of possible monetary compensation. All documents are transferred to the head of department who will carry out one more interview and will give the final answer if the applicant is hired.
Table 1 - Checklist
Characteristics Resume analysis Personal data analysis Test analysis Interview
Professional skills
Communication skills
Personal characteristics
Interview will reveal knowledge, skills and abilities of applicant that is necessary to this position:
- Managementskills
- Beabletotakedecisions
- Communicationskills
- Be able to train other people
Also description of precious work experience will show if applicant has necessary abilities for position:
- Apply and verifications of hotel policies
- To supervise and control the Front desk
- Communicatewellwithothersdepartment
- To handle crisis situation like overbooking and rehousing
- Innovate and propose new ideas in order to improve customer satisfaction
- Be able to anticipate forecast and put different strategies to maximize the revenue
- Anticipateguest’sneeds
Develop relationship with guest in order to create customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
Post-maintenance and information processing includes the feedback organization to the candidate by results of interview – in case of positive, and the negative decision.

Список литературы

List of references
Dedro J. HR-manager //Kadrovik, 2011, N 2
Birusova O. HR in company, 2011.-N 6
Chuncheva T. Interview: preparation and carrying out.-M.:Infa-M, 2011.- 218 p.

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