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1. The train was too heavy to be hauled by one locomotive.
2. One of the problems to be solved by State Railway of Thailand is to improve
passenger service through modernizing its wagon fleet.
3. George Pullman not only invented the sleeping car, he also was the first to design and build the restaurant car.
4. To speed freight transportation over long distance, more and more freight is carried in special unit trains especially by railways linking the Far East, Siberia and Volga regions.
5. The engine driver’s work on the automatically controlled trains is to supervise that the equipment operates properly and to take over manual control in case of emergency.

1. When container cars were first introduced, they were thought to be used only for carrying valuable goods.
2. The share of railway transport in carrying freight and passengers is unlikely to be reduced in the near future.
3. Russian railways are known to run a transcontinental passenger service across two continents – Europe and Asia.

1. We know Rio de Janeiro to have become the second Brazilian city having the Metro.
2. In Britain students, pensioners and disabled people are able to buy railcards. These cards allow them to buy train tickets at a reduced price for a period of one year.
3. Most specialists consider all the trains of the future to be operated by automatic drivers.

As the Tokaido mainline in Japan had been overburdened with passenger and freight trains, a new line was to be constructed to take over some part of its traffic and for running trains at higher speeds. The new line called Shinkansen was opened to service between Tokyo and Osaka in 1964. This high-speed mainline is 553 km long and has the 1,435 mm gauge. The Shinkansen Railway has no level crossings throughout the route. Train sets of 16 cars equipped with the Automatic Train Control system are to run at the top speed of 210 km/h, covering the distance between Tokyo and Osaka for 3 hours and 10 min.

1. The fast train from Manchester would have arrived on time if it hadn been held up by the track repair work.
2. It will take you only 3.5 hours to get to Moscow from St. Petersburg if you go by the Red Arrow passenger train.
3. Were the new high-capacity container cars introduced, it would enable the railway to increase the freight turnover considerably.
4. If the internal combustion engine hadn been invented, the automobile industry wouldn have started to develop so rapidly all over the world.
5. If ballast weren renewed from time to time, the railway track would sink in many places.

1. In Spain, double-deck trains are used on several commuter rail lines to carry more passengers.
2. Concrete sleepers last long because this material isn’t subjected to corrosion.
3. At the time of the crash, the train was traveling at full speed.
4. The railways have played an important role in the development of industries and agriculture in India.
5. Rudolf Diesel took his first patent for designing the internal combustion engine.
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