Английский язык: Тексты Economics и Markets, 8 заданий

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Английский язык: Тексты Economics и Markets, 8 заданий Образец 25213
Английский язык: Тексты Economics и Markets, 8 заданий Образец 25214
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Задание 1. Прочитайте текст


There are different definitions of “economics” in the world today. The most popular concepts define economics as a social science, which deals with production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of different goods and services. Economists study how individuals, groups, enterprises, and governments try to achieve efficiently any economic objective they select. Other sciences can help to understand economics better. Psychology and ethics try to explain the formation of objectives. History records changes in human objectives. Sociology interprets human behaviour in social con¬texts.

Economics operates on two levels: the macrolevel and the microlevel. Microeconomics is the study of individual consumers and business com¬panies. It examines how the interplay of supply and demand in a competi¬tive market creates individual prices, wage rates, etc.

Macroeconomics is the study of the economy as a whole. It examines such questions as the fast development of the economy, the volume of an overall output, and total income, the increase of employment. Macroeco¬nomics dates from the book, The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money (1935), by the British economist John Maynard Keynes.

In practice many economic decisions can’t be made solely by an objective appraisal of the facts but depend to some extent on personal views in interpreting facts.

The economist tries to be as objective as possible establishing principles, which show how the economy works and can be used to predict the likely results of policies.

Задание 2. Подберите к английским словам или словосочетаниям слева русские эквиваленты справа:

1. exchange а. потребление

2. income b. предложение

3. supply с. спрос

4. wage d. потребитель

5. consumption е. цена

6. to employ f. обмен

7. consumer g. нанимать на работу

8. demand h. доход

9. price i. заработная плата

10. market j. конкурентный

11. enterprise k. предприятие

12. competitive l. рынок

Ответ: 1 - f; 2 - h; ...

Задание 3. Отметьте, являются ли следующие утверждения по тексту верными (True) или неверными (False):

13. Economics studies human behaviour in social contexts. (False)

14. Economics studies changes in human objectives. (...)

15. Economics studies production, distribution, exchange and consumption of different goods and services. (...)

16. Macroeconomics studies individual enterprises. (...)

17. Microeconomics studies the economy as a whole. (...)

Задание 4. Прочитайте текст:


(1) Markets are the environment in which a business operates. It buys in markets and sells to markets.

(2) One way to classify markets is to divide them by their geographical location. Other ways include using the type of product or the degree of pow¬er a single producer is able to exercise over the market. This is known as a market structure.

(4) Markets may be described as local, regional, national, continental and world. Companies producing crude oil operate in a world market. This simply means that the users of crude oil whether in the UK, Malaysia or Japan, will tend to pay the same price for crude oil. The currency market (the buying and selling of foreign currencies by recognized dealers) is also a world market.

(5) Some of the major distinctions in market structure can be classified as follows.

(6) The perfect market. There must be a large number of buyers, a large number of sellers, relative ease of entry into the market, and good communications so that people can make informed choices and switch rapidly from one product to another if the price rises.

(7) A market in which there is only one seller is a monopoly. The monop¬olist is the sole supplier of a good or service for which there are no close substitutes. But the power of a monopolist is not absolute. Too high a price may bring government intervention and the threat of increased legal con-trol.

(8) Oligopoly. A market of this type has relatively few producers and a large number of consumers. Each business has some control over the market but any change in the behaviour of one business is likely to cause changes in the behaviour of its competitors.

Задание 5. Подберите следующим русским словам и словосочетаниям английские эквиваленты из текста:

18. среда - environment

19. власть - power


Задание 6. Подберите к английским словам или словосочетаниям слева русские эквиваленты справа:

33. crude oil k. способ

34. currency b. местный

35. local с. классифицировать

36. degree of power d. денежная единица страны; валюта

37. way е. угроза

38. classify f. действовать

39. dealer g. поставщик

40. threat h. торговец, коммерсант

41. operate i. степень власти

42. supplier j. неочищенная нефть

Ответ: 33 - j; 34 - d; ...

Задание 7. Выберите правильный вариант перевода (а, б, в) следующего предложения:

With more and better goods and services available everyone’s living standard is likely to improve.

а) Вероятно, что если будет доступно больше товаров и услуг более хорошего качества, то уровень жизни всех людей улучшится.

б) Уровень жизни всех людей улучшится, если будет доступно больше товаров и услуг лучшего качества.

в) Вряд ли улучшится уровень жизни всех людей, даже если будут доступно больше товаров и услуг более хорошего качества.

Ответ: ...

Задание 8. Переведите письменно на русский язык седьмой абзац текста:

(7) ...

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