Человек счастлив, когда он на своем месте

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Человек счастлив, когда он на своем месте

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In order to open the point of my reflection more neatly and clearly, I will divide my essay into several semantic parts.
At first I would like to say about my first idea connected with this theme- the right man at the right working place. This idea was the first one, because we spend the most part of our time at work. Year by year we try to reach some aim. And the thing is that some of us know that with reaching of this aim the happiness will come to them, and some of us don’t know why they do it. Something urges us on and on and we are always dissatisfied, always feel lack of happiness at work and this dissatisfaction moves us on. And for many people this permanent movement is their right place. There is also another variant of being happy at the working place. This is not very often situation that a person finds out that he is just happy to be in this office (factory, clinic, mine, or anything) and do what he does but it happens. This is the ideal situation, when the person doesn’t want to have anything else and he is happy to be there where he is at the moment. With ironical smile he looks at those who always run ahead. These people know that they have nothing to look for again- they have everything they need- their beloved work and the recognition of the colleagues. And by the way nobody knows if those always running people will find their happiness at the end. But unfortunately, I described two ideal situations of being at the right place concerning the work. In general people are not often happy with their job (as for me, I don’t know such happy people). Because when we finish school and choose the university we are too young to understand what our vocation is. So we enter the university, graduate and start to work. It is just a routine because we don’t know other alternatives and we have never tried something else. And the tragedy is that we can never know what our vocation is. May be we are the best to gather apples in Japan or to catch of the crocodiles in Africa and we could become the best in this job and be totally happy doing this but… we will never know, because just a few people have an opportunity to try such things. So, if it is not a common place to be happy at work, we step up to the idea that there should be something else! And there is another possibility to be at the right place- when you are at the family. In general- to be “at some place” means “to hold some position in the society”, to play some social role- either at work or at the family. To be a parent is a special and extremely happy role of the people. And to my personal opinion, if someone can say “it’s me!” concerning his family life- that is a real happiness. I have also noticed that ‘the right place’ also depends on the sex. The men are happier at work and they find their right place there. And women are mostly happy to be a mother and a wife, to keep house. And finally all this is determined by history and human nature.
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