"Britain and the Economic crisis; the determination of prices in housing markets; crisis in European monetary union(EMU)."

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Britain and the economic crisis
Housing Market
Crisis in EMU
Greece problem
Ireland problem
List of references


"Britain and the Economic crisis; the determination of prices in housing markets; crisis in European monetary union(EMU)."

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And it is happening now. Last year, the amount of money in the economy declined. That's why we make money, to ensure continued economic growth ", - added the head of the Bank of England.Business investment levels Chained volume measures, reference year 2006 seasonally adjustedMervyn King said the economic crisis is global in nature and in order to cope with it, we need coordinated action by governments around the world. "In the United Kingdom we do what we can" - assured the head of the British Central Bank. King dismissed fears that the issue of money will lead to higher inflation in the UK. He predicts that in the coming months, inflation is estimated to increase, reaching 5%, but in the future, its growth stops and she begins to decline rapidly. In January 2012, George Osborne, expressing their concern about the high inflation rates, said that he "fully supports the Bank of England in its fight against inflation." Now, if the Minister of Finance said that he fully supports the actions of the Bank's high unemployment, it would have been much closer to the truth. Bank accounts to seek compromises, grope a fine line balance between unemployment and inflation. However, it appears to the Bank of England has always opts for employment. It's simple: to ease inflationary pressures, it is necessary to raise interest rates. But the Bank is inactive. And the Minister is quite happy: Implications hard cuts in government spending still have not felt the full, so it's hard to imagine how a rattlesnake can be a mixture of fiscal and monetary tightening.Mervyn King, Chairman of the Bank of England, soon to be writing his fifth letter of explanation to the Finance Minister, because in many quarters of inflation in the country is held above the Bank's target level of 2%. It is well known that he would say in his defense. He will argue that high inflation is caused by temporary factors beyond the Bank of England, such as raising the sales tax, prices for raw materials and energy. He also mentions the devaluation, which contributes to higher prices of imports. But another question.

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List of references
1.Andrew Porter. Britain in grip of worst economic crisis for 60 years, admits Alistair Darling //The Telegraph Wednesday 11 January 2012
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