Эссе по интеллектуальной истории Европы

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Part 1 of the essay. Marcia Colish in her chapter on the Legacy of Scholasticism claims that according to the most influential theorists between the fifth and the thirteenth centuries, “the right to property was not absolute.” Explain how Colish arrives at this conclusion. In your concluding paragraph, give your evaluation/perspective on views held by these theorists of property. What do you find acceptable or objectionable in the medieval view of property?


Эссе по интеллектуальной истории Европы

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Thomas Aquinas recognises that trade and dealers are necessary in the state. Certainly, it would be better, if each state made all that is necessary for it but as it is seldom possible it is necessary to reckon with activity of merchants, even the foreign.
But the trading activity directed to a fair exchange, should used with requirements of Christian ethics. Without stopping on the scholastic form of a statement and on purely theological reasons, we will note the thoughts interesting from the point of view of development of economic ideas.
Needless to say that all versions of a deceit are exposed to strict condemnation. Lips of sacred Thomas Aquinas the church demands, that the seller found out goods lacks and that the buyer did not use an error or ignorance of the seller.
More difficultly and more interestingly a question and laws of transactions in which the obvious deceit (goods latent defects) is not present. In what measure the seller can search for profits and rise the price, and the buyer to try to buy more cheaply the usual price?
From the point of view of Christian morals, profit search in itself is inadmissible. But depending on circumstances possibility to admit additional compensation against a simple equivalent on one of two reasons opens. The seller, conceding a subject belonging to it to the buyer at the price of the higher, exact equality of equivalents, maybe, rather than would demand that average compensation which is necessary on the general conditions leaves a subject which deprivation makes for it a personal damage and fall more considerable, than. This subjective surplus - a damage rather with average value - should be compensated on justice. It is easy to see that Thomas Aquinas 's these reasonings make a starting point so-called damhum emergens.

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