What role does world wide web play in our life?

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What role does World Wide Web play in our life?


What role does world wide web play in our life?

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One way to look at the Web is as just another method of accessing information on the Internet. Another way to look at it is as a revolutionary way of producing and accessing information. Whatever your point of view, the World Wide Web will affects your life. More and more organizations are turning to the Web as a way of disseminating information. For example, look at commercials on TV now and you're likely to see a URL (uniform resource locator the address of Web pages, signified by http:// ...) for the company displayed at the bottom of the screen. Web savvy customers can find out more information about them and their products, thus maximizing the effectiveness of their advertising. Federal, state and local government agencies have also established presences on the Web, as have colleges,universities, countries, and a whole host of interesting people throughout the world.
I’ve long believed that the Web is not just some hi-tech tool but rather an extension of our everyday lived experience, something fundamentally human. I have my own page on the WWW, this is my little place on the World Wide Web, where I write about latest happenings in my life, upload different photos, discuss different questions. For the social nets are so popular now I also have few accounts there and it really works I should mention – I found me classmate I haven’t seen for ages.
It has been argued that the Internet has permanently changed the ways people communicate. And maybe it’s truth. The nature of the Internet and World Wide Web can cause frustration and dependence when people around the globe work on it day and night (for example, tearing down some sites, constructing new ones and remodeling others in an effort to provide the public with ever more information or even playing online computer games) and so they begin to live without vivid communication. It’s a real problem of nowadays to be solved. But I should say there are so many wonderful people in my life that I didn’t meet in school, or at a bar, or in the neighborhood growing up, but I met them in chats, forums and sites. I Like Internet Forums where I can read stories, share my own story anonymously, get feedback and comments, chat in the discussion forum, help others, meet new friends. It’s amazing to be a part of the biggest social experience on the web.
The Internet is the latest in a series of technological breakthroughs in interpersonal communication, following the telegraph, telephone, radio, and television. It combines innovative features of its predecessors, such as bridging great distances and reaching a mass audience.
There is a very rapidly growing list of web sites, many with extensive archives. You can also find an increasing number of books and articles in the Internet, and certain journals and periodicals are accessible on the web. I often visit virtual libraries or foreign sites where I can find information concerning my studies, hobbies, needs and download books, articles or presentations to mу personal computer and then use it in my everyday life or work. By the way some of the suitable resources for students are universal. These are the encyclopedias, databases, archives, museums, etc. In its possibilities the Internet offers much wider choice than even the largest collection of CD-ROMs. There is no point in presenting examples of individual sites here. There are also specialized services dedicated directly to the students who may need assistance when they cannot find what they are looking for. I’m a member of several Internet clubs for students, where we meet, chat and help each other. The Internet allows me to find out many things I wouldn't otherwise know.
One of the main problems connected with the Internet is using the Internet by children. Harmful and inappropriate material can come from just about everywhere on the Internet in an e-mail or instant message, through accidentally finding a pornographic website, in chatrooms, bulletin boards, or news groups. The Internet carries some risks. It is largely unregulated and not all the information there is accurate. There are many sites that contain things inappropriate for children, including pornography, hate speech, and gambling. Kids younger than seven shouldn't be on the Internet unless adults have filtered the Internet and are there with them.
Rapid development of the Internet enables to introduce learning in virtual distance forms, I mean distance learning. I’ve never tried to take any courses online or even using web camera. But I suppose it’s really worth of interest. Some people claim that it can be the end of classical «stone» universities. Even the representatives of some universities especially abroad seem to take this threat seriously. But as for me distance learning can be only complementary part of education. The idea I really like is the possibility to study at any chosen time and wherever there is an access to the Internet.
I think the World Wide Web is a great place for business. Website presentation of business plays an important role in internet business, every business which is presented well may lead to success whether your product is useful or not. There are also great advertising opportunities on the WWW and various business models with which one can make money online.

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