Доклад: "Private Equity Investments in the real sector of Russian Economy on the example of the Republic of Cyprus."

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Доклад: “Private Equity Investments in the real sector of Russian Economy on the example of the Republic of Cyprus.”


Доклад: "Private Equity Investments in the real sector of Russian Economy on the example of the Republic of Cyprus."

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manufacture of coke and mineral oil;
The statistical analysis demonstrates that Private Investments have grown for 5 years. It should be noted that experts mention increase of foreign Investments five times the amount. In Russia its qualitative index jumped from 8 (2003 year) to 70 (2008 year) milliard of dollars.
Analysts of PWC report that the total amount of Private equity investments will be restore after 2009 and in 2014 its flow will mount to the level of 2007 – 2008.
The majority of Private equity investments in the real sector of Russian Economy goes from USA and the West6. First places occupy following partners7:
As much as 18% of all investment inflows in 2006, and 14% in the first half of 2007, originated in Cyprus, one of the smallest EU Member States (MS)8. The share of Cyprus in FDI stock at September 2007 was 31%. Crosschecking Rosstat data with data from the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) suggests that most of this is Russian capital “round tripping”: the CBC only classifies as “Cypriot” investment capital from companies and individuals that satisfy some residence criteria, and the CBC data is equivalent to a mere 7.2% of the inflow that Rosstat labelled as “Cypriot” in 2005 (and the average for 2002-2005 was below 3.5%)9.
This research shows which directions Russia’s Government must take for helping to development of national economy.
As a conclusion it is necessary to say that the situation in the sphere of private equity Investments in the real sector is not very good, but not deplorable. There are a lot of countries who can and want revive our economy. In this list the Republic of Cyprus occupies one of the first places.
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