Политические отношения Ирак -Китай (3000 слов). Политика Китая с древности до наших дней (6000 слов).

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As long as there is no clarity in the future intentions of both. "Ordinary people", of course, is sleeping, but it's actually not as simple as it wants to see his new Arab friends, but because he was sleeping in box-eye and the ear-in box, perfect seeing and hearing everything that is going on.



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Tragically, the relationship between the Great Chinese Empire, or the Celestial Empire, as it was called by the Chinese themselves, and the rest of the Western world throughout their history have undergone a number of difficulties, and often came to a standstill.

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Modern People's Republic of China as well as the Russian Federation are included in trade and economic and foreign alliance "Block BRICS", where, in addition to China and Russia, also includes Brazil, India and South Africa. "Block BRICS" is a largely informal network of the most active and rapidly developing new national economic systems, which many economists from around the world predict a great future. The strategy itself is creating associations such as "Block BRICS", is one of the embodiment of the ideas of modern multi-polar world, which is to replace the failed and bankrupt Pax Americana.
In addition to the trade exchange, which is extremely important for both the Russian market and for export-oriented economy of China, is becoming increasingly important to develop regional economic relations, which is becoming more and more active not only at the federal level, but also (especially) and at the regional level because Russia is quite aware of the opportunities and unrealized abilities of modern Chinese economy in the joint development of the Far Eastern economic region, which is part of the Far East of the Russian Federation itself. Of particular interest from Russia, still in the modern People's Republic of China is mutual their participation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and development of the Asia - Pacific Economic Region, which has recently been rapidly transformed into a new zone of active international trade, participation in which promises of mutual benefit to all countries region, including Russia and China.
In addition, the joint participation of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic in common projects of political, diplomatic, economic and cultural cooperation provides both of these sides advanced capabilities for defense and military cooperation, the development of defensive and deterrent military doctrines involving the armed forces of both sides and conduct joint military exercise - the more that such exercises have been conducted and have been recognized as successful as the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and the military high command of the People's Army of China. Unfortunately, modern decor in the Asian region is such that a number of military threats to all countries - participants of the region can only be overcome by a joint.
If you take into account the period of the last two decades (20 years), the policy of modern China in respect of the Russian Federation in the meantime undergone very significant changes due mainly to the collapse of the communist Soviet Union and the formal preservation of the same communist regime in most of the Chinese People Republic. Without a doubt, China has shown a very informative and more promising example for reforms to Russia, as the country's leadership has decided not to touch the ideology in China to keep the existing political and legal primacy of the rule of the Communist Party, and against the background of preservation has become actively and intensively to rebuild their own national economy on the rails of the new free market competition. As a result, in every possible way reducing costs and production costs, China has provided significant assistance to the foreign trade of the Russian Federation in relation to the filling of its internal market a wide variety of consumer goods.
These processes were particularly active at a time when the old command-administrative system of Russia itself was destroyed and a stalled economic recovery systems required considerable effort and a long time. Thus, China has actually showed Russia, which it in their economies do not have.
Thorough and long-term economic policy of modern People's Republic of China is currently still have a significant positive impact on the joint with Russia extension of free economic zones, the practice of which on the Pacific coast and the coast of the South China Sea is very familiar to Chinese economists. There were numerous problems of the Far East of Russia itself can be solved with the active participation and assistance of the Chinese economy, which is interested in finding new sources of raw materials and markets for finished commodities.
Chapter 2.
Political relations Iraq – China
In the first decade of the 21st century, China's foreign policy towards the Arab Republic of Iraq was formed in two main strategies - the "peaceful development" and "harmonious world" that the Chinese Communist Party elected as the fundamental guiding the formation of the whole China's foreign policy in relation to all countries of the Arab (Muslim) world. "The basis of mutual security should be the mutual interests of both countries" - so on this occasion spoke Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qi Chen.
Thus, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed as the core doctrine of long-term preservation of peace and stability throughout the Asian macro-region, and the conditions of preservation - as a decisive factor in the penetration of China to the Middle East.
August 25, 1958 Iraq became fourth leading Arab country to establish formal diplomatic relations with China. In 1976, in Beijing, a delegation of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Iraq, which marked the beginning of an intensive dialogue to discuss the problems of the Middle East war and finding points of mutually beneficial cooperation and the possibilities of providing military assistance to Iraq on the part of the People's Army of China. A year later, in Baghdad has been sent a delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, headed by Minister Lin Hu Jia, then - the Ministry of Foreign Trade of China, and the entire second half of the seventies of the last century was a time of intensive development of comprehensive economic and trade cooperation between China and Iraq.
In the decade of the last century, these mutual contacts have become increasingly apparent formalization as in 1980 - 1981 years was signed three bilateral agreements on economic cooperation, bilateral trade and mutual participation in the development of industrial and agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies (for Following the visit, the Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Iraq Ramadan).
At the same time, growing stronger and developed contacts on intercultural and interfaith cooperation between the two nations. In March 1982, Iraq has a delegation of Chinese Muslims (Dungans), headed by the chairman of the Association of Chinese-Iraqi cooperation Chang Tse.
In addition, it should be noted that in the early nineties of the last century is China held a leading position in the exploration, development and production of oil on Iraqi oil plateau, and only the invasion of armed forces of the United States has undermined the monopoly of Beijing to develop oil in Iraq.
To counter foreign military intervention in a country with which it concluded a bilateral military cooperation agreement, China, as a member of the Security Council of the United Nations adopted a policy of full support to the UN resolutions aimed at a peaceful settlement of the internal Iraqi problem, all kinds and forms of inspections of military facilities Saddam Hussein (for example - UN Security Council Resolution number 1154), at the same time strongly condemning the violent tactics of applying aviation military strikes by the U.S. Army to these objects, considering the latter as illegal actions not sanctioned by the UN Security Council, and is open (for the first time in recent history) demanded the U.S. complete cessation of all hostilities in Iraq, insisting on the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops and the peaceful nature of the future settlement. At present, and with almost the same goals the U.S. is trying to adopt a similar policy in Syria, about which they apparently will get from China, which is a long-time strategic ally of Syria, a similar answer.

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