Английский язык, 12 заданий: What does the Trafalgar square Christmas tree symbolise?

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Английский язык, 12 заданий: What does the Trafalgar square Christmas tree symbolise? Образец 29513
Английский язык, 12 заданий: What does the Trafalgar square Christmas tree symbolise? Образец 29514
Английский язык, 12 заданий: What does the Trafalgar square Christmas tree symbolise? Образец 29515
Английский язык, 12 заданий: What does the Trafalgar square Christmas tree symbolise? Образец 29516
Английский язык, 12 заданий: What does the Trafalgar square Christmas tree symbolise? Образец 29517
Английский язык, 12 заданий: What does the Trafalgar square Christmas tree symbolise? Образец 29518


Вариант 3


Упражнение 1

Переведите предложения с существительным - определением на русский язык. Определения подчеркните:

1. Luxury car production in the UK continues to rise steadily.


2. Foreign tourism earnings increase with the ruble exchange rate.


Упражнение 2

Существительные во множественном числе подчеркните одной чертой, существительные в притяжательном падеже – двумя

1. She can’t see very well. She needs glasses.

2. There a lot of American TV series on British TV.

3. A professor’s life is a little better than a high-grade clerk’s life.

4. I’m sure you know far more about their country’s history than they do.

Упражнение 3

Вставьте глаголы в соответствующей временной форме:


Yesterday evening, I … to the theatre. I … a very good play. It … about love in a big city. Miss N. who usually … witches, … the leading part. After the performance, I … to a cafe and … dinner. This morning I … up early which … unusual of me. I … quickly, and … at work at 8. I … the first person to come to the office. It was so calm and cosy. I … my head on the table for a few moments and … asleep again! When my colleagues … I … up. My boss … … me much, he … I had worked all night! He … me a large bonus.


1. Why are you looking at me like that? Have I said something wrong? 2. Yesterday he didn’t have enough time to tell us how he had spent his holiday in Spain. 3. We are not being taught much theory, most attention is paid to practice. 4. The birds will have been photographed by the biologist before they fly to the South. 5. Roads are being repaired extensively in this town.

Упражнение 4

Вставьте соответствующую форму прилагательного в той или иной сравнительной конструкции:

1. I spent … time on the first task than the second, (меньше)

2. It was … difficult than I'd thought it would be. (более)

3. The cheaper the foods are, …

4. Moscow is surely … as Nevel, you know.

Упражнение 5

Напишите общие вопросы к данным предложением и специальные к подчеркнутым словам:

1. I have been at the Institute since morning today.


2. Oleg missed the first bus in the morning.


3. She usually buys vegetables at her local greengrocer's.


Упражнение 6

Определите тип придаточных и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. While I was speaking on the phone my cat stole a piece of meat from the table.


2. Yesterday I read a novel that entertained me a great deal.


3. If you win the lottery, what’ll you do with the money?


Упражнение 7

Подчеркните причастие I одной чертой, причастие II - двумя, переведите фразы на русский язык:

a freshly-painted house – ...

a newly-married couple moving into a new flat – ...

students reading for their examinations – ...

a written test – ...

Упражнение 8

Вставьте причастие 1 или 2 от глагола в скобках, переведите предложения:

1. The ... portion of the atmosphere is taken by other gases. (to remain)


2. The dean’s Office was much ... with the examination results. (to satisfy)


3. We all got ... by the introductory lecture on History. (to bore)


Упражнение 9

Переведите предложения:

1. In 1810 still being a student Faraday attended scientific lectures on natural philosophy.


2. Falling pressure of the barometer is a sign of changing weather.


3. Reading English books helped me to master the language.


Упражнение 10

Подчеркните модальный глагол или эквивалент и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. In this country young men have to do their military service.


2. You can’t park here for free. You’ll have to pay.


3. You may come across many unknown words in this test.


Упражнение 11

Вставьте нужный модальный глагол или эквивалент, переведите предложения:

1. ... you speak any foreign languages?


2. His hair is too long, he ... to have it cut.


3. He ... be a very intelligent student, he has failed in three exams.


4. The weather forecast for tomorrow is good, it ... be a nice day.


Упражнение 12

Прочитайте текст, ответьте на вопрос к нему полным предложением, письменно переведите 3-й абзац:

New Year in Britain is a less popular than Christmas, actually it is Britain's most popular holiday. Its traditions find their roots in pagan beliefs. The Druids , for example, honoured the mistletoe* in their religion and sacrificial rites. The Vikings introduced the rite of burning the Yule-log* to honour their chief god Thor. The English adapted this practice for Christmas in the form of today's Christmas candle.

Since 1840 the decorated and illuminated Christmas tree has gained popularity in England. Prince Albert exported this rite from Germany. Many British families followed the Royal example. Each year a giant Christmas tree is set up and decorated in Trafalgar Square. It commemorates Anglo-Norwegian cooperation during World War II.

On Christmas Eve children (and many grown-ups) hang a stocking at the foot of their bed for Father Christmas to fill. On Christmas Day gifts are opened early in the morning. Later families gather for the traditional Christmas dinner that consists of Brussels sprouts, fried potatoes with roast turkey, roast beef or goose. Christmas pudding may also be served for dessert. The pudding might often contain a coin or a lucky charm for children. For afternoon tea Christmas cake is offered. A party favourite are Christmas crackers.


What does the Trafalgar square Christmas tree symbolise?


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