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выполнена контрольная работа по английскому языку (вариант 1), состоящая из 5 заданий ...


II. Переведите на русский язык отрывок об истории Британской экономики.

Little more than a century ago, Britain was ‘the workshop of the world’. It had as many merchant ships as the rest of the world put together and it led the world in most manufacturing industries. This did not last long. By 1885 one analysis reported, “We have come to occupy a position in which we are no longer progressing, but even falling bock … . We find other nations able to compete with us to such an extent as we have never before experienced.” Early in the twentieth century Britain was overtaken economically by the United States and Germany. After two world wars and the rapid loss of its empire, Britain found it increasingly difficult to maintain its position even in Europe.
Britain struggled to find a balance between government intervention in the economy and an almost completely free-market economy such as existed in the united States. Neither system seemed to fit Britain’s needs. The former seemed compromised between two different objectives: planned economic prosperity and the means of ensuring full employment, while the latter promised greater economic prosperity at the cost of poverty and unemployment for the less able in society. Neither Labour not the Conservatives doubted the need to find a system that suited Britain’s needs, but neither seemed able to break from the consensus based on Keynesian economics


I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.

Economicsplaysahugeroleinhumanlife, itisallaroundus. Accountancy profession has been and remains one of the most popular. As an accountant you can learn how to start living company: the purchase of equipment, payment of wages to their employees, production and sale of goods. And also, drawing cash documents, conduct an inventory, to consider taxes and prepare reports.
Accountant (German “Buchhalter”, “Buch” – book, “Halter” – Holder) – an expert in the field of accounting. Currently, the profession is important without it costing any enterprise. The world “accountant” emerged in the late Middle Ages. In 1498 the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I appointed a “bookkeeper” Christopher Shtehera.
An accountant is a specialist working on the accounting system in accordance with applicable law. His task: time and the right to pay taxes, to report to public authorities and owners of companies that organize work with customers and partners organizations to monitor the financial condition of companies.
In its pure form is not an accountant profession. The enterprises of accountants working in areas: cash, fixed assets, foreign exchange, payroll, warehouse, for maintaining all accounts in chief accountant. In a small firm accountant can answer for everything.
A qualified accountant who is knowledgeable in all matters of accounting and tax policies invaluable employees and the most respected people in the company. However, the responsibility is high; he is responsible for any errors in the calculations.
Job accounting is strictly controlled by the employer on the one hand, the other edicts and decrees of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, which, alas, often contradict each other.
Therefore it is necessary to understand the vicissitudes of the law and be able to communicate with public authorities. One should keep in mind the whole financial picture of the company to know how any transaction will be reflected on the balance sheet, reporting, and Prize of the general Director. The people of this profession should be, above all, responsible and organized, so that late delivery or loss of any report document can be costly for the company. In addition, he must love numbers with them he will have to face every day, and the error can be fatal. It is also requires a high concentration of attention, thoroughness and diligence. Nice to have a good memory and, most importantly, we must be able to remain silent (as is often the accountant has to keep a trade secret).

1. What does it mean the word “accountant”?
2. What a specialist is he?
3. What is an accountant responsible for?
4. What qualities are necessary to posses to be an accountant

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III. Переведите из прямой речи в косвенную следующие предложения:

1. Mary said, “I like music”.
2. Mr White asked, “When is MV Orion arriving in Odessa?”
3. Victor said, “Please give me the contract”.
4. The manager asked, “Will the container be ready for dispatch by 18th November?”

IV. Вставьте вместо пропусков инфинитив либо герундий:

We decided against going to the movie.
We planned to study instead.

1. Did you decide against ______ married this year? (get)
2. Did you decide _______ married next year instead? (get)
3. I wanted _______ to the movies, too. (go)
4. He insisted on _______ to the movies? (go)
5. He refused ______ a new car this year. (buy)
6. She wouldn’t consider ______ a new car this year. (buy)
7. She kept on ______ her mind. (change)

V. Преобразуйте, приведенныениже предложения таким образом, чтобы герундий стал подлежащим.

It’s important to learn English. – Learning English is important.

1. It’s foolish to make a decision without knowing the facts. 2. It’s difficult to plan your future. 3. It’s important to get enough sleep. 4. It isn’t necessary to entertain friends every day.
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