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I would like to tell you about judo because It is my favourite sport . It is one of the most popular sports on the earth . Judo is Olympic sport. As to me I go in for judo , I play this sport about 3 year. I have got 8 medals, 1cup and 4 charter . I do it in the gym . My favourite sportsman is Elnur Memedli
History of Judo
Judo is considered a starting point in May 1882. At this time in Tokyo Buddhist temple Eysedzi 21-year-old Japanese Kano established a school under the name "Kodokan".
Judo was formed on the basis of ju-jitsu (iskazh. "jujitsu"), which in turn originates from an ancient form of national sumo wrestling.
Jiu-Jitsu (the art of gentleness) has arisen as a system of fighting without weapons.
Accord formulated by a doctor Sirobey Akiyama. One day while out walking early this morning in the garden, he noticed that the branches of large trees broken yesterday's snowfall, and only a small tree stands proudly as if nothing had happened: his branches dropped heavy, Arch to the ground, and straightened up again. Seeing this miracle, Akiyama said: "Surrender to Win!"
Master of Jiu-Jitsu is distinguished not so much remarkable power as an amazing agility of the body, elastic compliance and the ability to use the power of the enemy for their own purposes. During the period of feudal wars of 17-19 centuries art of softness, log on combat training of samurai, flourished, and the number of schools close to a thousand.
However, beginning the era of the Meiji Restoration (1868), the opening of Japan to the world, and radical bourgeois reforms have led to the fact that ju-jitsu has fallen victim to civilization, and the soldiers have lost their jobs.
The art of softness is not allowed to sink into oblivion young scientist, educator and teacher of Jigoro Kano (1860-1938). Gathering together the experience of different schools, systematized the best practices and eliminating life-threatening, he created Judo - a new struggle, which means "gentle way". In the opinion of Kano, judo was to become a "combat sport for physical training and general education of young people, philosophy, art, daily life, a repository of priceless national traditions.
In 1886, judo was recognized at the state level and has taught in the military and police academies, and soon became a program of physical training in secondary and higher education institutions.

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